About this Website

About this Website

This Website is operated by Sun Frontier Fudousan Co., Ltd. (‘Sun Frontier Fudousan’) and can only be used for the purpose of obtaining information. Accessing this Website or downloading any information from it shall be construed as constituting agreement to the conditions set forth in the Terms of Use below. If you do not agree to these conditions, you may not use the Website or download any information from it.

Use of the Website

Sun Frontier Fudousan grants the user permission to access the information on the Website, use it, and display it on a terminal device, as specified in the Terms of Use. These rights are nonexclusive and nontransferable. The user agrees not to impede or attempt to impede the operation of the Website, by any means. The rights granted herein only permit the user to view and download the information on the Website for personal, non-commercial uses. All information on the Website and all copies of it are the property of Sun Frontier Fudousan, and the following acts are prohibited when viewing or downloading it:

  • Any act involving alteration or reproduction of the information on the Website by any means, or the publication or distribution of said information for any public or commercial purpose.
  • Deleting copyright information or other displays of rights contained in information downloaded from the Website or in copies of it.
  • Communicating information on the Website to a third party without presenting the provisions of the Terms of Use, or obtaining agreement to comply with said provisions.
  • In addition to the Terms of Use, the user must comply with any additional usage restrictions presented on the Website when said site is updated.
  • The Website and the information it contains are protected by copyright laws. Website users must uphold all applicable copyright laws, and prevent information on the Website from being reproduced without permission.
  • Except for the rights granted by the Terms of Use, Sun Frontier Fudousan grants no rights to users regarding patents, trademarks, copyrights or confidential corporate information, either expressly or by implication.


The information on the Website may contain inaccuracies or spelling errors. Sun Frontier Fudousan provides no guarantee for the accuracy or completeness of any information on the Website, nor for any advice, opinions, statements or other information displayed on said site or distributed through it. The use of said advice, opinions, statements and all other information is solely the decision and responsibility of the user. Sun Frontier Fudousan has the right to correct any error in any portion of the Website at its own discretion, and may change any information on the Website at any time without prior notice. Information from Sun Frontier Fudousan and the Website, and software provided on the Website is provided ‘as is’. Sun Frontier Fudousan makes no declaration or guarantee regarding said information or software, either expressly or by implication, including guarantees of product-worthiness, usage rights, or fitness for any particular purpose.

Links to other sites

For the user’s convenience, Sun Frontier Fudousan may provide links from the Website to other Websites operated by third parties (‘Other Sites’). Upon entering any Other Site, the user shall be deemed to have left the Website. Users shall enter Other Sites at their own risk, and Sun Frontier Fudousan shall assume no liability whatsoever for any computer viruses or other hazards that may arise as a result. Sun Frontier Fudousan makes no declaration, guarantee or endorsement regarding the information of Other Sites or the products or services displayed therein. The existence of a link to any Other Site shall not be construed to mean that Sun Frontier Fudousan or the Website is a sponsor, endorser or business partner of the trademark, trade name, logo or copyrighted symbol displayed by the link, or that Sun Frontier Fudousan or the Website has the legal right to use said trademark, trade name, logo or copyrighted symbol. The existence of said trademark, trade name, logo or copyrighted symbol shall not be construed to mean that said Other Site has the legal right to use any of Sun Frontier Fudousan’s trademarks, trade names, logos or copyrighted symbols.

Limitation of loss compensation

Sun Frontier Fudousan assumes no liability to compensate any user for a loss (including lost earnings, interrupted business, and information or programs lost from user information systems) suffered directly, indirectly, especially or effectively from the use or inability to use the content, information or functions of the Website or any Other Site linked from it. Sun Frontier Fudousan shall not compensate users for said losses even in the event that Sun Frontier Fudousan has provided users with prior notification of the potential for said losses.

Changes to Terms of Use

Sun Frontier Fudousan has the right to change the Terms of Use in whole or part at any time at its own discretion. Any change to the Terms of Use shall go into effect immediately upon the announcement of said change. Any use of the Website after the announcement of a change to the Terms of Use shall be construed as user consent to the change. Sun Frontier Fudousan may terminate, change or suspend any Website function or other feature at any time. Sun Frontier Fudousan may limit some Website functions or services, or limit user access to the Website in whole or part, without prior notice. Sun Frontier Fudousan assumes no liability for the results of any of these actions. Sun Frontier Fudousan may also revoke a user’s right to use the Website for cause, under the provisions of the Terms of Use. Once a user’s right to use the Website has been revoked, the user must immediately discard all information downloaded from said site.