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President, Seiichi Saito   /   Chairman, Tomoaki Horiguchi

Message from Chairman Tomoaki Horiguchi

I handed over the duties of President, which I have been serving for 21 years since company establishment, to our New President Saito from April 1st, 2020.

In January of 2013, we created our internal plan of “10 times after 10 years”, and started our long-term business plan from 10 billion yen in net sales and 2 billion yen in ordinary income at that time. At present, the 5-year medium-term business plan ending in the fiscal year ending March 2023 has been progressing smoothly. In this context, we could project a steady transition to higher earnings result for fiscal year ending March 2020 which was revised upwards on February 6th, 2020. These are all thanks to the collective strengths of all employees.

The power engine of our growth unarguably lies in the power of our employees. Although we are facing the problem of the new Coronavirus, which can be considered an unprecedented crisis in the history of humankind, we will overcome this based on rigorous risk management and unified efforts of all employees, while shifting to a new organizational structure under which the new President is entrusted with the achievement of the 5-year medium-term business plan, as well as drawing up the upcoming medium-term business plan for the company.

We aim to become a visionary company with a firm underlying management philosophy in harmony with social values, a company that is essential to customers and indispensable to the society, which will last for 100 years, 200 years. Although all employees together are progressing step by step, climbing up the mountain to conquer that ideal summit, now that the main responsibilities of growing the business have been gradually passed on to next generation of leaders, and key managers around the age of 40 have been growing to take on next next roles, now is the time for me to support the success of executives who can stand up with self-awareness.

Our corporate culture of pursuing human happiness and social benefits as a company with strong belief, cherishing dreams and full of energy for challenges remains unchanged.

The objective of business is to achieve the realization of management philosophy. These are the roads forward for us.

First, to realize both material and spiritual happiness for all employees.
Second, business is about benefiting others.
Third, the best act as a human being is to serve other people and the society.

As Chairman of the Board of Directors, I will support further growth through the education of human resources throughout the Group and challenges development of new businesses. At the same time, with great confidence in our new President, I will support him while leading the promotion of highly synergistic M&A activities, hotel business which creates the smiles for people, and regional revitalization business which aims for mutual development with local community.

We look forward to receiving your continued support for Sun Frontier Fudousan Co., Ltd. under the new organizational structure.

April 1st, 2020
Tomoaki Horiguchi

Message from President Seiichi Saito

From April 1st, 2020, I take over the role of President from Former President Horiguchi. I take this as a mandate from God and have resolved determination to fulfil my duties with complete devotion.

Actions that I must take as President include:
To realize management philosophy. In other words, to realize both material and spiritual happiness for all employees. This is the first and foremost objective of our Company, it is also my belief which is completely consistent with the philosophy of Chairman Horiguchi, the Company founder. In addition, the company motto of “altruism”. This is the most important value shared by all of us, we will always put “kind compassion and human rightness” as our judgement basis and try our best to inherit and sustain “Management by Love”, which values the hearts of people.

Next, to achieve the goals of the ongoing 5-year medium-term business plan ending in fiscal year ending March 2023. This obligation is essential for realizing our management philosophy. Our targets for the fiscal year ending March 2023 are net sales of 100 billion yen, ordinary income of 20 billion yen, net income of 14 billion yen, and equity ratio of over 50%, ordinary income margin of over 20%. We will surely achieve them by combining the strengths of all employees.

Our company, which was founded by Chairman Horiguchi when he was 31 solely on the desire for “a job that cherishes dreams and pursues dreams”, has now grown into a company with over 1,000 employees. On receiving the baton from the founder, I will hold tightly to myself the heavy responsibility of developing the company for further growth and connecting towards the future of next generations.

Together with all employees, we will put in our best efforts to unify our hearts to build a future for Sun Frontier Fudousan Group, where dreams are continuingly made and challenged.

I sincerely look forward to your further continued support.

April 1st, 2020
Seiichi Saito