Company Information

Important Things that We Care Very Much

In order to become the company that customers love and choose the most in the world, we will keep on making efforts to refine ourselves.

Since the establishment of our company, we set “altruism” as our corporate motto and have been running our business according to philosophy since then. We endeavored in education and human resource development based on the basic set of ethics and morals, the right thing to do as a human being and the way of being considerate to others. As a group that shares the value of “feeling happy for others as you do for yourself,” we are trying our best to contribute to customers from their perspective. By satisfying our customers, we believe we could contribute to the realization of a rich society, grow and develop as an enterprise and help our employee to achieve their happiness.

Our customers consists of building owners, asset holders, and wealthy people. Revitalization of real estate is our core business. By engaging in the distribution and utilization of existing real estate, in the global metropolis Tokyo, we care about the thoughts of customers, and sincerely provide the one-stop professional service about building management and real estate utilization.

We listen to customers’ requests carefully and sincerely handle and solve even minor troubles. We would like to be the enterprise that can support customers in profound and various professional fields. To tenants, the customers of our customers, we are endeavouring to provide tender services from rental brokerage to creation of comfortable environment. By pursuing customers’ satisfaction in all sincerity and handle customers’ requests carefully, we realize the harmony between building owners and tenants.

We closely communicate with customers, take their requests and problems seriously and trying our best to figure out the optimal resolution by combining the strength of all employees. We are particular over competence to accomplish projects and provision of high added value, and we take this kind of effort as the first step to gain the trust from customers.

We will continue along the way of “A company is only as extraordinary as its people” which we believe in. Toward the goal of becoming the real estate company which customers love and choose the most in the world, we are exerting all our efforts from the perspective of customers. We would greatly appreciate your continuous support.

“Altruism” is our corporate motto.

Our company is based on each employee’s heart of being considerate to others.

Before consider ones’ own happiness, put the happiness of customers and colleagues in priority with beautiful heart, and wish to live the life with this beautiful heart. Our corporate motto came from this kind of altruistic mindset. In order to realize the happiness of customers and contribute to society, all employees need to keep up the ingenious efforts on improvement and refinement with a heart full of consideration to others.

As the first step, here comes the question how much one could contribute to people around during one’s lifetime.

The value we are pursuing lies in this very point.

Genuine success depends on the purity of heart rather than methods and means, No matter how simple the problem is, sprinkles of selfish desire would make it become complicated. Therefore, we believe attitude without selfish minds would lead to genuine success.

Guided by Our Customers' Perspective

Customers count on us and contact us.
We are very grateful about this and would like to provide services which could satisfy our customers and give them a deep impression. Therefore, we turn a willing ear to opinions and requests of customers and closely communicate with them. We also put emphasis on sharing the heart consideration for others and their needs from the same perspective and direction.

In addition, we take the requests and tasks from customers seriously, and derive the optimal result as the attorney of our customers.

We take “the right thing to do as a human being” as our determination criteria and code of conduct. Through tireless efforts, ingenious ideas and sentiments of always being on a battlefield, we are trying our best to contribute to customers. Through the revitalization of real estate, the distribution and utilization of existing real estate, guided by our customers' perspective and be of use to customers as possible as we could, we endeavour to do our best to contribute to society.

Work Hard to Gain Customers' Trust

We focus on customers rather than buildings. With a mind of wide cope, we try to understand our customers through their lifetime context. By doing this, we resolve current problems of customers and realize the future oriented and optimal utilization of real estate. We believe the very efforts above could contribute to the happiness of customers’ families.

In addition, by creating new human value, business value, social value for customers’ precious real estate, we could provide not just the material and economic comfort, but the richness of mind and deep impression to customers as well.

We propose the resolution for customers with original capability of creative imagination that exceeded the common sense and successful cases so far. We also accomplish the projects perfectly with the skills and abilities of real estate professional.

“Not for profit, but for trust”.

By eliminating customers’ anxiety and complaints, we produce results exceeding expectations. We work hard and do our best to gain customers’ trust.