Our Business

Services categorized by purpose and introduction of projects and achievements

Provide high quality service and products to customer quickly and efficiently in 3 main businesses : office building business, hotel business and overseas business.

The office building business is our core operation. It specializes in small and medium-sized office buildings in central Tokyo and covers different aspects of real estate revitalization and utilization.

In the real estate revitalization business, we reduce vacancy rates by revitalizing commercial buildings. We use the capitalization method to enhance the market value of buildings and then sell the improved buildings to customers at fair prices. We also provide integrated set of support services to customer after purchase.

In the real estate business, we aim to become a comprehensive real estate professional specializing in commercial property in central Tokyo. Here, our main businesses are replanning, sales brokerage, rental brokerage, building management, construction planning, delinquent rent guarantee and asset consultancy.

We handle all these business by in-house operation. Thus we are able to catch the needs and trends in the commercial real estate market swiftly and quickly complete the task from customers.

Overview of Operations


‘Replanning’ is a part of our core business. Here, we acquire used buildings with problems such as low occupancy caused by old facilities or inappropriate layout and renovate them into products that society demands by creating added value.

In Central Tokyo, there are many used commercial buildings whose owners feel compelled to sell for reasons such as declining earnings caused by change of market trend, the needs to repay a debt or move their headquarters. We purchase this kind of unprofitable commercial buildings, then prepares a revitalization plan to improve its market value. The revitalization plan consists of conversion (alteration of use), interior and exterior design, upgrades of air conditioning, electric and lighting facilities, etc. By performing renovations from the tenant's perspective, or reinventing the building according to present-day needs at the time, we convert the building into a product that society demands and then sell it to customers at an appropriate price.

Property Management

In property management, we can handle everything from building administration to tenant management. We work as the partner of building owners to balance quality and costs while ensuring tenant satisfaction. Because tenant satisfaction is related to owners satisfaction. We utilize our support system to deliver highly transparent, high-quality building management. With properties that we sell through the real estate revitalization and brokerage businesses, we offer ongoing services based on our motto of altruism ensuring peace of mind. In our subleasing business, we look after portfolios of buildings for owners to reduce their administrative burdens and employ our leasing business to secure high returns and ensure the stable use of assets.

Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

We work closely with financial institutions, attorneys, and other partners to swiftly appraise rental office buildings and condominiums offered for sale and provide consulting for customers wishing to buy these properties. We harness our links with trust banks and realtors and our network of other areas to provide an array of information to individual investors and others wishing to buy commercial real estate. Our business buys some properties satisfying our requirements based on our accumulated information and offers revitalized properties to customers.

Leasing Management

We have a local focus in this business, specializing in office and store leasing in central Tokyo. We employ our capabilities to offer small and medium-sized buildings that can help local companies expand. We gather information on many properties to identify and match the requirements of building owners with those prospective tenants. Note that in the building revitalization business, we attract tenants for commercial buildings to generate high returns.

Construction and Renovation

We upgrade and repair commercial properties, office buildings, and condominiums according to renovation plans. We handle internal construction for tenants moving into or leaving buildings and restore premises to original condition. In the real estate revitalization business, we handle design and property supervision by reflecting owners’ opinions and meeting their requests. With accumulated knowledge and experience, we transform buildings into attractive and high-return assets.