We will contribute to the realization of a sustainable society through our business activities while respecting the heart of altruism, the Company policy.


We have identified three important issues that we should address to realize our Sustainability Vision. We will implement specific measures in the three areas of environmental protection, regional revitalization, and human resource development.

We will review the specific measures as appropriate in response to future environmental and social trends, and changes in the business environment.

Important Sustainability Issues

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Environmental protection

Regional revitalization

Human resource development

Increase environmental sustainability by significantly reducing waste and greenhouse gas emissions, as a frontier of Real Estate Revitalization Business Create sustainable growth of regional economies through offices, hotels, and tourism, as a frontier for sustainable regional revitalization Spread the concept of "altruism" that is indispensable for realizing a sustainable society, as a frontier of philosophy management
  • Extend the life and health of real estate
  • Energy conservation and reduction of environmental impact by Real Estate Revitalization Business
  • Expanded use of renewable energy
  • Create buildings, offices, and spaces with “job satisfaction” and “creativity” that contribute to economic growth
  • Prevent and mitigate disaster through regional cooperation
  • Solve regional issues through community activation and creation
  • Create workplaces with job satisfaction, creativity, and growth opportunities
  • Respect and utilize diversity
  • Disseminate information on philosophy management to foster next-generation managers
Related SDGs

Process for Identifying Important Issues

The Sustainability Committee has discussed various social issues that we need to resolve by integrating the perspectives of stakeholders and the perspectives of the Company's management, while referring to various frameworks such as SDGs, ISO26000, and GRI Standards. With the knowledge and advice of experts also obtained, we clarified the Company’s awareness of the issues and direction and identified important issues after obtaining approval by the Board of Directors.

To incorporate the views of our stakeholders, the Company's Sustainability Committee had direct communication with more than 20 companies and organizations.

We recognize that communicating with stakeholders is extremely important in future planning and development, and we intend to continue communicating with stakeholders.

The system to promote sustainability

With the aim of contributing to the realization of a sustainable society and increasing corporate value over the medium to long term, we have established “Sustainable Committee” consisting of the President Representative Director as chairman, the Head of Sustainability Promotion Office as vice chairman, sustainability officers of each division as committee member and outside directors as advisor to promote strongly the activities that contribute to the resolution of social issues based on Management Principle and Corporate Philosophy.



  • 環境と共生する不動産再生事業を展開。不動産の耐用年数長期化・質向上を推進。
  • 居抜きオフィス流通市場「そのまんまオフィス!」を運営、オフィス移転に伴う廃材を削減。
  • 不動産再生事業において、地域や社会のニーズを適えた最適用途(保育園やレストラン等)での再生を推進。
  • 「日本を元気に!」のスローガンでホテル新築を軸に事業再生、古民家活用、観光資源発掘等、観光面から地方創生事業を展開。
  • 当社では、全ての役職員が「人間としての正しさ」を業務遂行の指針とし、その上で体制を強化するための各種施策を実施しております。